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Here are some footnotes for some of my sources:

William T. Sherman, Memoirs of General W.T. Sherman (New York: Penguin Books, 1985)

John F. Marszalek, Sherman: A Soldier’s Passion for Order (New York: Free Press, 1993)

John B. Walters, “General William T. Sherman and Total War,” The Journal of Southern History 14, no. 4, November, 1948, 447-480. (accessed September 10, 2010).

Jane F. Lancaster, “William Tecumseh Sherman’s Introduction to War, 1840-1842: Lesson for Action,” The Florida Historical Quarterly 72, no. 1, July, 1993, 56-72. (accessed September 10, 2010).

William T. Sherman, “Message to the Atlanta City Council,” Message to the Atlanta City Council, 2009, (accessed September 10, 2010).

William T. Sherman, Sherman’s Civil War: Selected Correspondence of William T. Sherman, 1860-1865, ed. Brooks D. Simpson and Jean V. Berlin (Chapel Hill, NC: University of North Carolina Press, 1999)


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