William J. Winsor

September 10, 2010 |  Tagged , | Comments Off on William J. Winsor

The only thing I was able to find was this obituary for a William J. Winsor who shared the same birth date and died in Lobelville,  Tennessee in 2009. http://www.tributes.com/show/William-Winsor-86037866 I also came across his name on a Winsor family genealogy website (I think somebody else found this also). I also found his wife, Marguerite, was buried in a cemetery in Perry County, Tennessee in 1998. Lobelville is in Perry County. Furthermore, she apparently has one of those couples’ gravestones which already had this inscribed on it as early as 2004 (from my deductions): Winsor, William J., Apr. 26, 1920-____, “Married Oct.. 3, 1942”. The dates match up to our guy, so it’s my guess that it most likely is him. Here’s the link to the cemetery’s website http://www.tngenweb.org/records/perry/cemeteries/dbend.htm

Other than these small findings I wasn’t able to get much else.


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