Useful/Unhelpful Primary Source

September 10, 2010 |  Tagged , | Comments Off on Useful/Unhelpful Primary Source

Unhelpful Source – I found this on the national archives site. It is a record of the arrivals of various vessels into a number of different ports. The problem is that the only info provided is the date of arrival, name of the vessel, and the port it embarked from, not a whole lot of interesting things here.

Useful Source – This is a speech given by Henry Clay in which he addressed the U.S. Senate concerning the removal of the Cherokees from the native lands by the United States government. It provides a basis for an argument that there were at least some prominent figures in the government that thought that maybe it wasn’t such a good thing to kick people off their land. I found it using Academic Search Complete so you probably will need to log-in to view this.


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