Useful/Unhelpful Primary Source

September 10, 2010 | Comments Off on Useful/Unhelpful Primary Source

Unhelpful Source – I found this on the national archives site. It is a record of the arrivals of various vessels into a number of different ports. The problem is that the only info provided is the date of arrival, name of the vessel, and the port it embarked from, not a whole lot of […]

Good/Bad Historical Websites

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— Here’s an example of a bad historical website: It is a white supremacist website attempting to slander Martin Luther King Jr., not accurately inform you about the man’s life. — Here’s one of a good historical site: It is the Smithsonian Institution Archives. The site always you access documents, photos, etc., concerning […]

William J. Winsor

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The only thing I was able to find was this obituary for a William J. Winsor who shared the same birth date and died in Lobelville,  Tennessee in 2009. I also came across his name on a Winsor family genealogy website (I think somebody else found this also). I also found his wife, Marguerite, […]

Morgan- The Puritan ethic and American Revolution

September 8, 2010 | Comments Off on Morgan- The Puritan ethic and American Revolution

Morgan discusses how a driving force behind the American Revolution was its peoples’ so-called “Puritan Ethic.” He presents the argument that in some way, shape, or form mostly all of the men involved in the struggle for independence were driven to do so by their dedication to the “Puritan Ethic,” composed mostly of two basic […]

Col. Rhea Documents

September 3, 2010 | Comments Off on Col. Rhea Documents

The documents shown in the article show that James Rhea was sent on a what seems to have been a somewhat secret mission to negotiate a peace between Armenia and Azerbaijan. His passport lists his occupation as “food relief”, which is unlikely to be true since Rhea was a West Point graduate an had already […]