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August 31, 2010 |  Tagged , | Comments Off on Sokal article

Amongst all of the foreign language of physics and mathematics there are a few thoughts worth noting in this article. First, although it is very difficult for anyone untrained in these sciences to make a whole lot of sense out of this, Sokal puts a good deal of effort into trying to make this as easy as it can possibly be for the public audience to read, a thing that many professionals, including historians, do not do enough. He supports his argument with loads of historical as well as modern references, which also applies to anyone doing historical research. One part in particular that caught my attention spoke of a need to “break down artificial barriers that separate ‘scientists’ from ‘the public’.  It made me think about my own experience so far, however short it may be, with historical research. It is often very difficult to read and get something out of the many articles that one pours through while doing research. One of the main problems is that “normal” people do not know how to read the writing of most historians, because most of the time historians are not writing with the public in mind. They are writing soley for their fellow scholars. If this was to change, I feel that it would be for the better. What is the point of studying history if you are not going to share your findings and ideas with others. We study history in order to understand what really happened. Shouldn’t we want everyone else to know also and not just a few of our buddies?


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